On the ‘Death’ of #GamerGate

I’ve been seeing a lot of hullabaloo in the last few days regarding the death of GamerGate; detractors loudly cheering that the witch is finally dead despite trending statistics suggesting that it’s still going, strong as ever.

My God...what a bloodbath.

My God…what a bloodbath.

Here’s the thing: Even if your latest string of laughably biased hit pieces had had any effect on us, GamerGate will never die.

The thing people still haven’t grasped is that GamerGate is not a battle, not in the traditional sense anyway, it’s a mindset: It reflects the general consensus of a large part of the gaming community that games media in it’s current form has had its day. We come from all walks of life, despite your claims to the contrary, and we’re all tired of watching you spin your lunatic narrative, in bold defiance of evidence and basic common sense.

At first, we tried asking for answers, we tried to get both sides of every story, but these agenda-driven, exploitative websites have made it clear, for the most part, that they are uninterested in being even-handed and utterly unrepentant for their more abhorrent behaviours, so we’ve decided to move on to greener pastures; to sites where free discussion is allowed and both sides of the story are reported on, not just the one that suits whatever the current groupthink is in GJP.

"This is a discussion focused site, but if you write anything we disagree with you're gone."

“We are a discussion focused site, but if you say anything we disagree with you’re gone.”

We’ve never told people not to visit the sites we’re leaving behind, but we have put out blacklists explaining why WE aren’t going there anymore and we HAVE e-mailed advertisers simply to tell them why we’re leaving and, in some cases why we, personally, can’t buy their products for as long as they support certain publications, because that kind of data is valuable for any company, (if I was funneling millions into marketing every year, I’d want to know my ads were reaching the right people.)

[Quick sidenote, directly to journalists who are salty about this, particularly in regard to our more recent focus on Gawker Media in the wake of Sam Biddle’s rather off-colour remarks about bullying: What we’re doing here is absolutely no different to what Ben Kuchera did to Erik Kain, (remember, when he, in his own words, attempted to hurt Kain’s career, based on a personal vendetta,) so don’t get your panties in a bunch when your own tools are used against you, just because we wield them more effectively than you. I know hypocrisy is what you’re very best at in the world, but all it does is feed us more proof of your sanctimonious bullshit.]

This is the important part, though: we’ve moved on, but we haven’t settled down. If sites like Niche Gamer suddenly start launching baseless attacks at their audience, or anyone else for that matter, we’ll try a ‘dude, WTF’ once, maybe twice, then abandon the site and find a new one.

Because we, as consumers, are beholden to no one but ourselves.

If Based Milo turned around tomorrow and said ‘Fuck you stinking gamers, you’re all paedophiles’ and meant it, we’d cut him loose; if it turned out that IA had been using his boosted popularity to somehow fund a hidden Patreon account and he admitted he’d been scamming us all along, we wouldn’t wax lyrical about how he had our best interests at heart and it was all a big misunderstanding, we’d kick his ass to the fucking curb.

This is the difference between us and you, the sycophants who spend all day blowing smoke up each others arses to make sure you’re covered when you need to make yet another career move from Polygon to Kotaku to RPS to wherever; only ever showing hostility to those members of your fold who refuse to join in on the circle-jerk.

Our single allegiance is to the spirit of GamerGate which, when you strip it down to its core, is that professionals, in any capacity, and the companies that they represent should be accountable for their actions. We’re not here to build new idols in the shape of the old gods, this isn’t an out with the old in with the new deal; we’re simply saying ‘you no longer cater to us, so we’re not coming here anymore’.

That’s why GamerGate will never die and that’s why you have consistently failed to kill it: because the name doesn’t matter, what matters is the idea, and you can’t kill an idea, not without forcing thousands of people to suddenly, simultaneously change how they think.

Even once the hashtag peters out, and it probably will, when we eventually lose interest and go back to life as normal, so long as we hold onto that single unshakeable ideal, and continue to believe that truth and accountability are more important than fairweather friends and your feels, GamerGate will live forever.

And, to paraphrase Old God Jim Sterling, that’s what really scares you, isn’t it? That you can’t control us, because we think for ourselves.

Because if there’s one thing you absolutely detest, it’s free thought.

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