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Five of the Most Hilariously Tragic Celebrity Pages on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a fantastic resource for literally anything you could ever want to know, provided you’re not too fussed about things like facts or the truth. More than that, it’s a great place for the mentally unbalanced to unload a … Continue reading

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The Alternative Christmas Top 20

I once got into an argument with someone over whether or not Die Hard was a Christmas film. I made the compelling case that, because it has Christmas songs in it, because it snows and because, oh, it takes place … Continue reading

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Faith Will Always Be Rewarded: Why 2nd Law proves Muse are as powerful as ever.

I was having a hard time understanding the animosity all the teaser songs that got airplay in the run up to The 2nd Law –Muse’s sixth studio album—were receiving. I’ve come to expect it from the casual listeners but I … Continue reading

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Five Music Videos of White People Being Unbearably White

Being white is more than just the colour of your skin, it’s an inherent awkwardness that manifests around absolutely anything and everything on a day to day basis. This is never more apparent than in music. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Five Pop Songs with Inexplicably Grim Content

Everybody loves pop music, by definition. Even if you’re a black-hearted goth that spends most of your time writing about how the world can’t understand you and how much you hate your mum and dad because they made you tidy … Continue reading

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