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The Future of Gaming: Nintendo’s Three Most Useless Wii Accessories

Nintendo has been riding high on it’s wave of innovative bullshit for about five years now. They have brought hundreds of thousands of new gamers into the market and, thanks to this new demographic, anyone who grew up playing video … Continue reading

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Three Films that Prove the Future is Going to be Rubbish.

In all likelihood, the future isn’t going to look that different from the way the world does now. Looking back at photos of the last hundred years, the way we dress and live really hasn’t changed that much. The reason … Continue reading

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Extracts from Dan’s Diary: Part I

A few years ago, I decided to start keeping a diary on Dan’s behalf, the idea being I would have it finished by Christmas. This didn’t happen because I eventually lost interest, so now, for your eyes only, I’d like … Continue reading

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With Great Vengeance and Spurious Morality: Three Films About Revenge

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and somewhere along that line lies revenge. So, with the upcoming UK cinema release of I Saw the Devil, directed by Kim Je-woon (The Good, The Bad & The Weird, A Bittersweet … Continue reading

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Four Steps to Feeling Better About Your Own Tragic Sex Life.

When I heard that The Edit was puting out an issue based entirely around sex I thought, ‘wow, that has like a million different ways to go wrong.’ Well, after researching this article, I now spend most of my time … Continue reading

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Go to University, or Sign On? An Objective Analysis.

Being middle class but also a bit of a lazy arse, I’m one of the few people in higher education who shares both the virtue of having been on the dole at one point and not being one of those … Continue reading

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