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Boring Anecdotes About My Sad Life: The Day The Whole World Went Away

I don’t usually write about personal stuff on my blog because I worry it will create a jarring disconnect between all my half-baked social commentary and poor man’s Seanbaby jokes, but I remembered this story the other day and I … Continue reading

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Search Term Serial Killers II: This Time it’s Custodial

Many moons ago I published a list of all the terrifying, confusing and occasionally sexy things people typed into Google to arrive at my humble internet abode. As well as sowing seeds for the start of a beautiful friendship, it … Continue reading

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Coming Soon…

Two idiots attempt to compile a list of film reviews from 2012. If the intro is anything to go by, it should be a thoroughly factual and well-researched piece of video-journalism. Hava Nagila, motherfuckers!

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Sky: An adventure into the worst Customer Service department in the world.

I don’t usually use this site to air my personal problems, (aside from the mental ones,) but I thought this would be beneficial knowledge to the five or six people who frequent my blog and might be considering getting or … Continue reading

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From the Annals of Myspace: Fixing a Hole

Sometimes I find an old bit of writing or other stupid shit that I’ve done and decide that –while I may be embarassed by my general body of work before this blog– there were a few gems tucked away in … Continue reading

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Twenty Topics that Keep Serial Killers Coming to My Blog

The saying goes that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and –given that I spend at least fifteen minutes a day obsessing over my page hits– I’m resigned to agree with that. Because if I ever cared about the … Continue reading

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Extracts from Dan’s Diary: Part I

A few years ago, I decided to start keeping a diary on Dan’s behalf, the idea being I would have it finished by Christmas. This didn’t happen because I eventually lost interest, so now, for your eyes only, I’d like … Continue reading

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