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Sky: An adventure into the worst Customer Service department in the world.

I don’t usually use this site to air my personal problems, (aside from the mental ones,) but I thought this would be beneficial knowledge to the five or six people who frequent my blog and might be considering getting or … Continue reading

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Faith Will Always Be Rewarded: Why 2nd Law proves Muse are as powerful as ever.

I was having a hard time understanding the animosity all the teaser songs that got airplay in the run up to The 2nd Law –Muse’s sixth studio album—were receiving. I’ve come to expect it from the casual listeners but I … Continue reading

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I’m Dreaming of a Shite Christmas: Ten More Useless Gifts for Horrible Wankers (Part I)

This might surprise you –being the humble, poster-boy for the working classes that I am– but I still sit down to write a Christmas list every year. Once I even implemented  a five-star rating system to the list, based on … Continue reading

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